Release Notes

Online edition: v9-01 1.0

Highlights of changes from the previous version

  • The Advanced Search map now includes a Nine-Quad search option.
  • The Advanced Search map now includes a search box for locating a particular city or street address.
  • Advanced Search now includes options for searching by Global Subspecies Rank.
  • Advanced Search now supports searches for Federally Delisted, State Candidate Endangered, State Candidate Threatened, and State Delisted plants.
  • All searches now display a result page containing a URL with querystring values to match Version 8 results.
    These URLs can be saved as bookmarks in your browser and reloaded to automatically perform a search and display the results.
  • Links saved in the previous Inventory version (Version 8) are also supported.
  • This version now supports a direct link to a particular plant's detail page using the taxon querystring with a scientific name.
    (i.e. /plants/details?taxon=Enceliopsis+covillei)
  • Printing search results produces cleaner output with no page header and table headers no longer repeat on subsequent pages.
  • Citations on the home, plant details, and search results pages are dynamically generated with the current RPI version number and current access date.
  • The Help page has been updated to add habitat abbreviations and a link to documentation on how to use QueryStrings in search result URLs.
  • The Glossary page has been updated to add habitat abbreviations that can be used in QueryString searches.

Online edition: v9-01 0.0

Highlights of changes from the previous online version

  • Mobile friendly – Take the Online Inventory with you!
  • Full data search bar is now included at the top menu on every page for quick access to make new searches.
  • Easier to access links and a new Download Report function for every plant’s details.
  • Intuitive search display: add or remove columns by button clicking, single-click column sorting, and simple drag and drop column re-ordering.
  • New “Other Status” section includes information imported from the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) on seeds that have been banked as part of the California Plant Rescue initiative, BLM Sensitive, US Forest Service Sensitive, and IUCN Red List.
  • Maps are back and selecting quads on a map in Advanced Search has never been easier!
  • Regular imports of rare plant quads and counties from the CNDDB, including updated quads and counties for all CRPR 3 and 4 plants.
  • New Help page describes how to search and view data.
  • Fully updated Glossary - all data fields are now fully described.
  • Completely new Status Review Documents page! Download PDF copies of CNPS status reviews published since 2003.
  • Three plant photos instead of one.