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Mielichhoferia elongata

elongate copper moss

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Photo of Mielichhoferia elongata
© 2012 John Game
Photo of Mielichhoferia elongata
© 2012 John Game
Photo of Mielichhoferia elongata
© 2012 John Game
Scientific Name:
Mielichhoferia elongata (Hoppe & Hornsch. ex Hook.) Nees & Hornsch.
Common Name:
elongate copper moss
Family: Mielichhoferiaceae
Element Code: NBMUS4Q022
USDA Plants Symbol:
Synonyms/Other Names:
CA Rare Plant Rank: 4.3
Fed List: None
State List: None
Global Rank: G5
State Rank:
Other Status: USFS_S
CRPR Changes:
changed from 2B.2 to 4.3 on 2015-11-23
changed from 2.2 to 2B.2 on 2013-06-12
Add Date: 2001-01-01
Date Edited: 2022-03-01
Lifeform: moss
Blooming Period:
0 - 1960 meters
0 - 6430 feet
General Habitat:
  • Broadleafed upland forest
  • Chaparral
  • Cismontane woodland
  • Coastal scrub
  • Lower montane coniferous forest
  • Meadows and seeps
  • Subalpine coniferous forest
General Micro Habitat:
Micro Habitat:
  • Acidic (usually)
  • Carbonate (sometimes)
  • Metamorphic
  • Roadsides (often)
  • Vernally Mesic (usually)
Previously CRPR 2B.2; more common than originally known. Potentially threatened in PLU Co. by road maintenance. Commonly called "copper mosses" - distinctive glossy blue-green coloration aids identification. See Bryologia Germanica 2(2):186 (1831) for original description.
Total Occurrences: 20
Element Occurrence Ranks:
0 0 0 0 0 20
Occurrence Status:
Historical >20 Years 16
Recent <=20 Years 4
Presumed Extant 20
Possibly Extirpated 0
Presumed Extirpated 0
California Endemic:
California Island:
States: Name (Code)
Alaska (AK), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Maine (ME), Michigan (MI), Montana (MT), New York (NY), Oregon (OR), Tennessee (TN)
California Counties and Islands: Name (Code)
Butte (BUT), Fresno (FRE), Humboldt (HUM), Lake (LAK), Marin (MRN), Mariposa (MPA), Monterey (MNT), Nevada (NEV), Placer (PLA), Plumas (PLU), San Luis Obispo (SLO), San Mateo (SMT), Santa Clara (SCL), Santa Cruz (SCR), Sierra (SIE), Siskiyou (SIS), Trinity (TRI), Tulare (TUL), Tuolumne (TUO)
Quads: Name (Quad Code)
Ano Nuevo (3712213), Bolinas (3712286), Calaveras Reservoir (3712147), Camptonville (3912141), Carmel Valley (3612146), Cherokee (3912165), Crescent Mills (4012018), Creston (3512055), Davenport (3712212), Dedrick (4012371), Del Loma (4012373), Dutch Flat (3912027), El Portal (3711967), Feliciana Mtn. (3711958), Felton (3712211), Forks of Salmon (4112333), Franklin Point (3712223), Giant Forest (3611857), Helena (4012372), Jawbone Ridge (3712071), Kinsley (3711968), Mariposa (3711948), Nevada City (3912131), Sacate Ridge (3611982), Santa Cruz (3612281), Santa Margarita (3512045), Somes Bar (4112344), Tower Peak (3811925), Trimmer (3611983), Tuolumne (3712082), Verplank Ridge (3611971), Washington (3912037), Weitchpec (4112326), Whispering Pines (3812276), Willow Creek (4012386), Wren Peak (3611877)
Definitions of codes following a county and/or quad:
* Presumed extirpated
(?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
Quad and county data is imported from the CNDDB. Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. These data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.


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