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Arenaria paludicola

marsh sandwort

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Scientific Name:
Arenaria paludicola Rob.
Common Name:
marsh sandwort
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Element Code: PDCAR040L0
USDA Plants Symbol: ARPA7
Synonyms/Other Names:
Lifeform: perennial stoloniferous herb
Blooming Period: May-Aug
3 - 170 meters
10 - 560 feet
General Habitats:
  • Marshes and swamps (brackish, freshwater)
Microhabitat Details:
  • Openings
  • Sandy
Known from only two natural occurrences in Black Lake Cyn. And at Oso Flaco Lk. Threatened by vehicles, development, erosion, hydrological alterations, and non-native plants. Individuals re-introduced in Black Lake Cyn. in 1995. Introduced population in Los Osos well established as of 2003. Experimental introduction also underway in Nipomo as of 2004. Collection from Mexico needs confirmation. See Proceedings of the California Academy of Natural Sciences 3:61 (1863) for original description.
Threat List Total: 10
Total EOs % of EOs
EOs with Threat Listed: 17 77 %
Non-native plant impacts 7 31%
Other 7 31%
Degraded water quality 6 27%
Development 5 22%
Pollution 5 22%
Total Occurrences: 22
Element Occurrence Ranks:
0 1 0 1 14 6
Occurrence Status:
Historical >20 Years 12
Recent <=20 Years 10
Presumed Extant 8
Possibly Extirpated 2
Presumed Extirpated 12
California Endemic:
California Island:
States: Name (Code)
California (CA), Sonora, Mexico (SO)?, Washington (WA)*
California Counties and Islands: Name (Code)
Los Angeles (LAX), Marin (MRN), Riverside (RIV), San Bernardino (SBD)*, San Francisco (SFO)*, San Luis Obispo (SLO), Santa Cruz (SCR)*
Quads: Name (Quad Code)
Felton (3712211)*, Fontana (3411714), Guadalupe (3412085), Hollywood (3411813), Morro Bay South (3512037), Oceano (3512015), Pismo Beach (3512026), Point Bonita (3712275), Redlands (3411712), Riverside East (3311783), San Bernardino North (3411723), San Bernardino South (3411713)*, San Francisco North (3712274)*, Santa Cruz (3612281)
Definitions of codes following a county and/or quad:
* Presumed extirpated
(?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
Quad and county data is imported from the CNDDB. Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. These data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.
Presumed Extant
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