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Silene bolanderi

Bolander's catchfly

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Scientific Name:
Silene bolanderi A. Gray
Common Name:
Bolander's catchfly
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Element Code: PDCAR0U2L0
USDA Plants Symbol:
Synonyms/Other Names:
Lifeform: perennial herb
Blooming Period: May-Jun
420 - 1150 meters
1380 - 3775 feet
General Habitats:
  • Chaparral (edges)
  • Cismontane woodland
  • Lower montane coniferous forest
  • Meadows and seeps
  • North Coast coniferous forest
Microhabitat Details: Usually grassy openings, sometimes dry rocky slopes, canyons, or roadsides
  • Openings (usually)
  • Roadsides (sometimes)
  • Rocky (sometimes)
  • Serpentinite (sometimes)

Potentially threatened by agricultural conversion, road construction and maintenance, grazing and trampling by livestock, and severe wildfires.


Similar to S. hookeri, S. nelsonii, and S. salmonacea; differentiated by its funnelform corolla (salverform in S. hookeri), usually pink petals with linear corona appendages >1 mm long (white petals with appendages lacking or <1 mm long in S. nelsonii), glabrous petal base margin (sparsely to densely ciliate in S. nelsonii), and radial androecium symmetry (bilateral in S. hookeri).

Total Occurrences: 30
Element Occurrence Ranks:
0 0 0 0 0 30
Occurrence Status:
Historical >20 Years 12
Recent <=20 Years 18
Presumed Extant 30
Possibly Extirpated 0
Presumed Extirpated 0
California Endemic:
California Island:
States: Name (Code)
California (CA)
California Counties and Islands: Name (Code)
Humboldt (HUM), Lake (LAK), Mendocino (MEN), Trinity (TRI)
Quads: Name (Quad Code)
Black Lassic (4012335), Blake Mountain (4012355), Cahto Peak (3912365), Dinsmore (4012345), Fort Seward (4012326), Foster Mtn. (3912342), Iron Peak (3912374), Jamison Ridge (3912362), Larabee Valley (4012346), Laughlin Range (3912333), Laytonville (3912364), Lincoln Ridge (3912366), Longvale (3912354), Potter Valley (3912331), Purdys Gardens (3912311), Redwood Valley (3912332), Ruth Reservoir (4012334), Showers Mtn. (4012356), Sportshaven (4012344), Willits (3912343), Zenia (4012324)
Definitions of codes following a county and/or quad:
* Presumed extirpated
(?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
Quad and county data is imported from the CNDDB. Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. These data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.
Presumed Extant
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