Species Details

Oenothera avita ssp. eurekensis

Eureka Dunes evening-primrose

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Photo of Oenothera avita ssp. eurekensis
© Rick York and CNPS
Photo of Oenothera avita ssp. eurekensis
© 2009 Duncan S Bell
Photo of Oenothera avita ssp. eurekensis
© Rick York and CNPS
Scientific Name:
Oenothera avita (W.M. Klein) W.M. Klein ssp. eurekensis (Munz & J.C. Roos) W.M. Klein
Common Name:
Eureka Dunes evening-primrose
Family: Onagraceae
Element Code: PDONA0C071
USDA Plants Symbol: OECAE2
Synonyms/Other Names:
CA Rare Plant Rank: 1B.2
Fed List: FD (2018-03-29)
State List: CR (1978-11-01)
Global Rank: G4?T2
State Rank:
Other Status: SB_CalBG/RSABG
CRPR Changes:
Add Date: 1974-01-01
Date Edited: 2024-03-06
Lifeform: perennial rhizomatous herb
Blooming Period: Apr-Jun(Jul)
850 - 1200 meters
2790 - 3935 feet
General Habitats:
  • Desert dunes
Microhabitat Details:
Federally listed as Endangered on 1978-05-27; Delisted due to Recovery on 2018-03-29. Known only from dunes in Eureka Valley, within Death Valley NP. Habitat previously degraded by vehicle traffic; populations recovering well, but still threatened by vehicle trespass, foot traffic, recreation, and non-native Russian thistle. Recovery plan has been completed by BLM. See Aliso 3(2):118 (1955) for original description, and Biological Conservation 46:217-242 (1988) for population biology.
Threatened by vehicle trespass, foot traffic, recreation, and non-native plants.
Threat List Total: 2
Total EOs % of EOs
EOs with Threat Listed: 2 67 %
Non-native plant impacts 2 66%
ORV activity 1 33%
Total Occurrences: 3
Element Occurrence Ranks:
0 3 0 0 0 0
Occurrence Status:
Historical >20 Years 0
Recent <=20 Years 3
Presumed Extant 3
Possibly Extirpated 0
Presumed Extirpated 0
California Endemic:
California Island:
States: Name (Code)
California (CA)
California Counties and Islands: Name (Code)
Inyo (INY)
Quads: Name (Quad Code)
East of Joshua Flats (3711727), East of Waucoba Spring (3711717), Last Chance Range SW (3711716)
Definitions of codes following a county and/or quad:
* Presumed extirpated
(?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
Quad and county data is imported from the CNDDB. Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. These data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.
Presumed Extant
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