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Hesperolinon tehamense

Tehama County western flax

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Scientific Name:
Hesperolinon tehamense H.K. Sharsm.
Common Name:
Tehama County western flax
Family: Linaceae
Element Code: PDLIN010C0
USDA Plants Symbol: HETE8
Synonyms/Other Names:
Lifeform: annual herb
Blooming Period: May-Jul
100 - 1250 meters
330 - 4100 feet
General Habitat:
  • Chaparral
  • Cismontane woodland
General Micro Habitat:
Micro Habitat:
  • Serpentinite

Threatened by vehicles and road maintenance.


Some plants from ALA, LAK, NAP, and STA cos. were previously treated as H. serpentinum ined.; plants from the inner north coast ranges of LAK and NAP cos. are now treated as H. sharsmithiae. Plants from ALA Co. are possibly H. clevelandii; needs further study. Similar to H. sharsmithiae.

Total Occurrences: 16
Element Occurrence Ranks:
8 1 0 0 0 7
Occurrence Status:
Historical >20 Years 9
Recent <=20 Years 7
Presumed Extant 16
Possibly Extirpated 0
Presumed Extirpated 0
California Endemic:
California Island:
States: Name (Code)
California (CA)
California Counties and Islands: Name (Code)
Glenn (GLE), Tehama (TEH)
Quads: Name (Quad Code)
Chrome (3912265), Elk Creek (3912255), Felkner Hill (3912256), Hall Ridge (3912276), Newville (3912275), North Yolla Bolly (4012228), Paskenta (3912285), Raglin Ridge (4012216), Riley Ridge (3912286)
Definitions of codes following a county and/or quad:
* Presumed extirpated
(?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
Quad and county data is imported from the CNDDB. Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. These data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.


Presumed Extant
Counties   Quads
Original Description: University of California Publications in Botany 32:298 (1961)
Species Account: Hesperolinon tehamense profile for potential Species of Conservation Concern evaluation (2018)